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PV panels

90% repair rate with warranty.

With over 10 years of technology development, we have a process that can fix 90% of the failure modes in existing panels.
We carry out quality control on a per panel basis.
A 10 year funtional warranty is provided.

ID erase guarantees confidentiality for our partners.

1. Laser erasing of ID.
2. Removal of serial number.
3. Removal of any branding.
4. Replaced by new serial number and new brand Re-tech PV.

laser id erase

PV panels

When a PV panel reach its end-of-life needs to be recycled.

In our certified facilities we can treat end-of-life PV panels and separate them into the following fractions:

PV plants

Revamping PV plants swap damaged and inefficient PV panels for renewed PV.

Re-tech PVs panel swap service, increases electricity production with minimum downtime and avoids further technical adpatation of the PV panel racking system.
Plus, 10 year functional warranty for the renewed PV panels is given.

O&M / Asset management

All sorts of O&M contracts:

1. Full service.
2. Risk service.
3. On demand.
4. Tailored.
We also can provide individualized condition monitorization per panel integrated on remote control system.

Asset management:

1. O&M advising and contracts.
2. Increase overall efficiency and availability.
3. Condition monitoring with integrated remote control system.
4. Full PV asset management with penalties for low availability, reliability and efficiency.
5. O&M management minimizing downtimes and maintenance tasks.

Audits /

PV plants conditioning evaluation audits for free, and other sorts of audits like:

1. Technical due diligence.
2. Technical evaluation for M&A.
3. Solutions to increase reliability and efficiency.
4. Repairs and O&M.

Full range of PV consultancy services.

For technical, management, development, investments, trends or buisness decisions related to PV:
1. Repairs and renew of PV panels.
2. Asset management and O&M.
3. M&A, investments and divestments.
4. Buisness management decisions and regulatory framework.
5. ESG management.
6. Investigation and development.


We are a technology driven PV company with knowhow and tailored technical solutions for the PV market.

Our integral knowhow and vision enables us to offer the most suitable tailored solution for any technical or management challenge related with the PV market.
Please, let us know your needs.

PV assembly / disassembly

Several partnerships and contracts with electrical installation companies for safe and efficient operations.

Our network of partners grant us safe, reliable and efficient operations of disassembly, assembly, packing and unpacking of PV panels almost anywhere.

Pro pack PV

Based on our experience we developed the PRO PACK PV system for a safe packing and easy loading of the PV panels on trucks and containers.

Free, simple and easy the PRO PACK PV saves time and money and grants a proper accomodation for the transport of PV panels.

PV logistics /

With several contracts for transport services, we have our own warehouses and solutions in place to store pv panels.

Our wide network and partnerships with local transport companies enable us contract the right logistic service maintaining the costs over control without losing efficiency.